Softly Falls the Light

Hello to you! This is a mini-post to tell you that This Oddinary Life is now Softly Falls The Light.

I feel most at peace beneath the canopy of the forest, in glade and shade, in those places where the sunlight slants just so, filtered through leaves and branches. Those places where it feels safe to be wholly content, or deeply sad, or anything in-between. That, in essence, is the feeling I seek to capture in words, and I think Softly Falls The Light encapsulates that. My hope is that it will evolve into a comfortable, familiar space for readers.

This blog will remain a kaleidoscopic collection of prose, prose-poetry and the occasional poem, reflecting my fascination with the mundane and the mystical. I am driven to write by a desire to nourish your soul; if I achieve that, then I am profoundly happy.

Thank you so much for reading, and for welcoming me into your inbox and onto your screen. In these days of general overwhelm, with so much clamouring for our attention, I regard this as a real honour. I’d love you to stay and sit with me in my forest glade; just let me know your favourite beverage and biscuit, and I’ll make sure they are always in plentiful supply.

Blessings to you,

Lizzie x